Your Whole Music Career is a Bunch of Trash – ALK reply SoxBow

Early This Morning SowBow dissed all Mx Rappers, which got everyone saying the guy is just asking for attention.

Niger State Finest Act Arewa Last King ALK decide to clear the air and tweeted this to SoxBow

Welcome to the chapter of soxbow the Snitch boy
This ain’t no beef, am just tryna get the chicken schooled
It inevitable
How we ain’t on the same level, your class is low mine is got a golden stool
You dirty fool
Nitwit, nobody would envy you
Your whole life is a destitute

I hear say u dey go church, but still ur name no dey ring bell
That’s what happens when a brother turns into a rebell
Shine ur eye make you see well
I’m getting thumbs up, you’re getting index!

You is a nympho
You used to be a pussy but now u upgraded to a dildo
Your grade level is zero
We all known you’ve never been dope
Forget knt, even for dadinkowa ur hood you’ve never been known
Better be told
Even a thousand RVG no fit make u blow
So now I’m here to make you know
Your whole music career is a bunch of trash
Forget music, even when nepa done bring light ur future no still bright
You ain’t got nothing nice
even elevator no fit lift up your low life
Broke guy
Ur destiny is wrapped around your neck like a bolt tie, no lies
Life has never been fair to you, make you no follow there go dye(die)

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