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Your Certificate Will Cure Your Illiteracy, But It Is Your Skill That Will Cure Your Poverty – DO YOU AGREE?DO YOU AGREE?

Dear Nigerian Youth…
Your certificate will cure your illiteracy. But it is your skill that will cure your poverty.

Go to banks and observe. You will be surprised that it is often people who speak big English, that deposit small money. While those who speak little English deposit big money.

Money responds to skills, not certificates. Go to Alaba International Market. Many illiterates are using their skills to make millions daily. Meanwhile, millions of degree holders are speaking big English, while holding on to poverty. Learn a skill!If you have good education, you will be able to speak good English. If you also have good skills, you will also be able to spend good money. The more education you have, the more degrees you get. The more skills you have, the more money you can get.

The more space skills occupy in your life, the less space that poverty can occupy. Read about Apostle Paul. Paul was educated in Law. He was also a tent maker. But it was tent making that made Paul money during his missionary journeys. It is your tent making skills that will make you rich!

You spent 18 years from Nursery to University, yet you have no skills. You only have a certificate. You can’t code. You can’t nurse. You can’t build. You can’t manufacture. You can’t sell. Yet, you call those who can illiterates? The joke is on you!

The best strident in your class is not the one who always comes first in exams. Exams are just a test of memory. The best student is the one who comes first in life. And to do that you need skills. Pass your exams, but also pass on some skills to yourself. Better to be full of skills than be full of certificates!

Don’t be book wise and street foolish. Stay in school, but use your holidays to learn skills and you will never suffer after graduation.

If your certificate does not get you a job, your skill will definitely get you one or enable you start a business. Knowledge is learnt inside school. Wisdom is learnt outside school.

Don’t stop learning after you graduate or you will be an educated fool. School teaches you how to make a living. Wisdom teaches you how to make a life. Wisdom is the principal thing!
Credit to Reno.

DO YOU AGREE? Your Certificate Will Cure Your Illiteracy, But It Is Your Skill That Will Cure Your Poverty

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