Why Some Nigerians Don’t Want Burna Boy To Win Grammy Award? (A MUST READ)

The Good thing about Burna Boy winning the Grammy award is the feeling that the most prestigious music award in the world is finally coming to Nigeria.
If this second Grammy Nomination of Burna Boy finally turns out to be a win, it means Nigeria will be more respected worldwide musically and this could pave way for other Nigerian music artistes also to win the award in the nearest future.

While talking about Burna Boy’s Grammy nomination today in the midst of some other Nigerian music lovers, it’s so shocking to see that some Nigerians are lowkey not rooting for Burna Boy to win. Why?

Below Are Some Key Reasons:-

1. It Will Be A Source Of Pride
Burna Boy is a very talented and hardworking music artiste but in most cases, pride makes most people dislike his personality.

You will recall that last year when he was nominated for the Grammy Award, he took to social media to rant about how nobody paved way for him at the international music scene and how he is the best Afro-beat acts after Fela.

Winning this Grammy Award may further fuel Burna Boy’s pride and he might use the award to bully some industry colleagues especially Davido and of course Wizkid might have to move from being his close friend to become his boy.

2. Burna Boy Might Use The Award To Demoralize Other Talented Hardworking Artistes
Getting to that Grammy stage as a Nigerian artiste is a product of Grace, Connection and Hardwork.

You would agree that there are so many hardworking and talented artistes in Nigeria but they don’t have the right connect and Grace to push them to the Grammy stage.

If Burna Boy eventually wins the award, considering his “giran” personality, he might throw class in the wind by hitting the Grammy stage to brag that no other person can do it like him thereby demoralizing other artistes who also wish to get the Grammys.

Normally, as Grammy winner, Burna Boy can motivate other young and coming artistes to keep up their hard work so that Grace can find them one day but there is 80% percent chance that he won’t do that.

Even as a 2-time nominee, how many times has Burna Boy attempted to inspire other young artistes with his rapid career growth?

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