Who Is To Blame For The Decline In Hennessy Cyphers – The Fans, The Rappers, Or Hennessy?

The Hennessy Cypher used to be one of the most critically acclaimed initiatives in the rap game and the music industry at large.

For many years from the early to mid-2010s, it was the holy grail. Up until around 2017, as a matter of fact, the industry anticipated the cyphers earnestly and watched them religiously. Then the conversations that would follow used to be what would hold the game together for the next year, until the next cyphers.

But suddenly, the quality started reducing, and it started becoming unserious. Around the same time, hip-hop saw a huge decline, and everything went downhill from there.

In 2018, M.I Abaga teamed up with Martell, another cognac brand to do a cypher that would rival Hennessy’s. It worked. The two Martell Cyphers are in fact what led to the series of ‘altercations’ that happened in 2018, ultimately resulting in the much-talked-about M.I Abaga vs Vector beef.

But that was all she wrote. Martell Cypher faded following M.I Abaga‘s split with Chocolate City, which inadvertently broke up the “LAMB” crew, of course. In fact, Hennesy stepped in again, to spend some more money on rap events. They filmed “The Conversation” that led to the reconciliation between M.I and VEC, and now they’re back with the Cyphers.

While you may have heard about them, chances are you haven’t even watched any. I have watched it all, and the cyphers are actually good. They may not be as intriguing as I’d want them to be, but they’re still decent.

@But why are they not trending? Why is nobody talking about it like before? Does this mean hip-hop is truly dead? Who is to blame? Is it the fans, the rappers themselves, or Hennessy?

Let’s hear from you.

Why Do You Think The Hennessy Cyphers Are Not Trending Like Before?

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