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What’s The Difference Between “Trek” And “Walk”? – Most Sense-Making Answer Wins #500 Airtime

Literally, there should be a significant difference between these two moving meaning words “Trek” and “Walk” but in Naija, they’re mostly used interchangeably.
Many people in Naija will use Trek when they’re speaking in Pidgin language and use Walk when it’s a proper English, but then both Trek and Walk are a correct English word.

But then – Is there a difference between them?

That’s what we want you to tell us so we can all learn from you. Sure you ain’t doing it for free, we have something for the best answer.


  1. It means thesame thing that is walking from one place to another but TREK simply means walking with yr legs and walk also means thesame but trek is pidgin while walk is correct England sh

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