What Happened To Ijaya? Why Can’t The Singer Make A Hit Anymore?

At the end of 2020, I made a list of the top ten Artists who performed that year, and guess who was number one? Ijaya.

Ijaya , coming from a stellar year where he released his magnum opus, “Agolo” and a couple of mindblowing singles was the most important person in hip-hop that year. Anyone who mattered then rated the guy even ahead of guys like Olamide and Phyno.

Fast forward to 2021, four eventful years after, where is Ijaya? The guy’s last hit was “Jani in Jaka ” which used Dj Ab and Kheengz, momentum to become a tik tok hit and was one of the top songs in Nigeria last year. But that’s it. Before then, two years before that, he didn’t have a single hit. And it’s not for the lack of trying, I tell you.

He’s tried to jump on every wave with the hopes that luck would shine on him and he would score a big number. Guess luck just hasn’t shone, right? So, how did he become like this? How did one of the biggest and best Dancehall of the 2015s go back to square one?

I’d like to turn your attention to 2018, the year it all started. Ijaya decided that it wasn’t enough to make songs that could turn up the club and make people laugh anymore, he decided to go into activism. So what did he do? He started with a satirical “AANU” which is by far one of Nigeria’s best records and made hella waves for it.

Personally, I don’t think this is a phase at all. It is what Ijaya has become. He’s officially a has-been. His decline started when he thought he could be the next Fela. Apparently, nobody really likes that.

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