[Urgent 2k] Minna Girls That Always Ask For 2k Urgent, Why Is The Need Always Urgent?

I came across a video on social media which reads ‘Minna That Ask For urgent 2k. Alotta guys were posting with surprised emojis and memes. It was recently that I get to know it’s about minna girls/ladies asking boys/men for money (which in most cases is NGN2k and it’s always needed urgently).

With the way I saw a lotta post on Social Media about ‘Urgent 2k’, I will assume it’s a rampant phenomenon. Have never been asked for urgent 2k by a girl/lady/woman (above & below the 2k? yes! Urgent? No!).

For girls/ladies/women wey dey always ask: Wetin wuna dey use the urgent 2k for?
For boys/men: Wetin dem dey use the urgent 2k do?

Why Is The Need Always Urgent?

Genuine answers may trigger some men’s philanthropic nature, who knows.

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