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[UPDATE] Hu2boy Dumps Abimavibez As His Manager

Hu2boy signed on to Abimavibez Entertainment management group back in January 2021.

In a new interview with Mxloaded TV, Hu2boy confirms that he has now parted ways with his manager AliyuBala Abimavibez– when he could no longer play his Roll as a manager.

He said,

“About me and Abimavibez, I mean, Me and AliyuBala are still good. Still cool, we are family.. But I’m straight like that, I am real.

He has not been able to Play his role as a manager for a very long time – since the incident that happened.

So i had to move on with my life.. You know.

I mean, I’ve got ambition that I’m chasing, so for no reason would i allow anything to lock that down.

I am a goal getter and I can’t allow anything to slow me down.

So that’s it! Me and Abimavibez are still cool, we are still family. Anytime we see, we would still holla, but at least, I’m a street guy, I have got to move, gotta move, gotta move.

That is what matters the most. My career comes first before anything else.”

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