UPCOMING ARTISTES! The Most Important Lesson You Should Learn From Brymo’s Twitter Dragging

UPCOMING ARTISTES! The Most Important Lesson You Should Learn From Brymo’s Twitter Dragging

Days ago, Tweeps took turns to engage Brymo in an exchange that lasted for hours. But here’s a lesson upcoming artistes can learn from the controversy.

But why were folks on the rampage against Brymo? It all started when a user had made a comment about his recently released album, Yellow saying it was good but not great. Brymo replied,

Brymo also went the extra mile claiming, Yellow is the biggest album on the continent…

While many came at Brymo mainly because he was discrediting his fellow colleagues in the music industry and also he had this feeling of “no one comes close to him when he comes to creating” angered Nigerians who felt as an artist, you have to be humble and always appreciate your fans and the people streaming your music. They felt Brymo was arrogant.

But, this is what Brymo was doing…

The week Brymo released his Yellow album, it was at the peak of the CoronaVirus outbreak. A section of the music space knew about the album release, but they were distracted and then, Brymo’s release lacked a big promotion plan.

He didn’t make use of influencers, hence folks on Twitter were oblivious of the album. Most people didn’t know Brymo had unveiled an album and also it was Brymo, an alternative act who didn’t have a huge fanbase, so who cares?

Hence, he made use of controversy to fuel his promotion

You’ll find it surprising Brymo replied every tweet aimed at him. He was creative with his tweets and was building buzz with those he replied angrily. He engaged with everyone tweeting at him, mentioning him and he conversed with them.

What kind of artiste has that kind of energy, you’ll wonder because that’s stressful.

An artist who wants to prove to people that his album is good enough, an artist who wants to compel people to give him a chance, an artist who wants to increase his streams, which will lead to an increase in his revenue.

That controversy stunt by Brymo is strategic. And here are the benefits for him:
1. People will go on from Twitter that day, going to streaming platforms to listen

2. It’s a sign to industry gatekeepers and event organizers. After this whole CoronaVirus is over, they will have Brymo at the back of their minds. They’ll surely invite him to come perform at their shows.

Overall, it’s a win-win for Brymo.

Upcoming artists, you can leverage this for your next release. While it’s true, using controversy to drive your promotion is lazy PR.

Yet, it’s the inexpensive and a free cheat sheet artist can use to bring awareness and publicity to their new releases.

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