TOO TALENTED!! Nobody Can Freestyle Better Than Ife Lex, Not Even Icekyd, Rapkeeng or Anyone in Niger State (WATCH THIS)

Ife Lex is one hell of a talented rapper – even his haters can testify to that fact.

Na God dey blow person, if not, by now he’s supposed to have become one of the greatest and highly celebrated rappers out of Niger State.

You must have come across one or two of his Freestyles and know what he’s capable of doing.

Judging by his lyrical prowess, I think this guy can rub shoulder with lots of Northern Freestyle Acts.

When this guy handles the Mic, he has like 3 spirits working with me as he can rap with almost anything around him without waiting for a second to even think of what to say or how to blend his rhymes, and yet he still dishes out dope flows.

Today, I saw Ife Lex trending on Twitter and I thought I should check what he’s trending and it was because of this new freestyle he just did

You guys saw that right?

I’m 99% sure you must be smiling right now because of how dope the freestyle is 

Now, over to you

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