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The Movie – Evil Maid is one of the most anticipated Northern/Niger State Hausa movies billed for release soon

The Evil Maid Movie is all about two newly couples who got married to each other living happily not knowing that his wife doesn’t know how to cook. Then suddenly she decided to bring a idea of employing a house maid to start cooking for her husband while she the house wife pretending to be sick. Despite the effort of the maid she has been hurting her all along then the maid turn to be evil whenever her husband is out..

However, these positive developments had a lot to do with the acting prowess and versatility of a few fresh faces.

Mc Mamaki and Mc Pintoski are budding comedians in northern/niger state homes in 2019/2020 on account of their talent and versatility. Mc Mamaki, he has carved a niche for himself with his signature short hilarious skit that is bound to light up your day. Now a known face, we celebrate him for his expertly shot films in 2019/2020.

Alongside the CEO of Janan Photography Mxcity and he has the eye for capturing unique details. His photography style is Urban, artistic and photojournalistic.

The movie is a season film and was mainly in Hausa and English dialect.

The movie was Written by Adam thought

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