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The Full Meaning of W.I.Z.K.I.D – The Artiste Acronym Episode 01

Ayo Balogun, popularly known as Wizkid, (31 years old) is a West African-Nigerian artiste whose music and sound reflect a great zest and appeal towards which revelers hold on to cherish and adorn.

After the successful run of his fourth studio album “Made In Lagos” and the deluxe version, Wizkid‘s artistry has taken a more glaring shape that has tremendously contributed to cultural progress.

Alongside, Wizkid has been recognized by Billboard as one act that’s been contributing positively to the global music landscape. “Essence“, the ubiquitous track from the album has laid solid prints which have acquired a feat that even culture wouldn’t forget.

According to the majority of his cult, they refer to his music as one which they should research on and perhaps study to understand how he tapes them accordingly as it becomes perfect. His core fans develop a dense emotion towards his music and I put together the explanation of an acronym for each letter in his moniker.

NOTE:- This acronym is open to re-adjustment by other creative writers even as I take you through.

Here’s The Full Meaning of W.I.Z.K.I.D

Let’s get started 👇

W – Woman

The African ‘woman‘ factor can’t be taken from Wizkid’s music. It is how he loves to adorn and embellish his lust upon her sexy waist whine and body, and how he usually goes crazy for her has been clearly stated from his early days of making music.

The W in Wizkid and from his music clearly defines that he loves the African woman, he loves to adorn her even as laid genuine effort on Beyonce’s “Brown Skin Girl”, explore her beauty which credits the Woman factor in his music as well as it draws from each album he has released over the years as Wizkid.

I – Iggy

Wizkid is defined as one who doesn’t truly care about his critics. He doesn’t seem to seek or give attention to those trolling his music either, perhaps, because he has become so confident about what his music is and who his fans are.

He is iggy and doesn’t feel moved to attend to irrelevant duties or perceive intimidation into an engaging conversation that doesn’t concern the promotion and push of his music.

Z – Zest

He has the enthusiasm and passion to drive his art, longing for continual growth, which has been glaring.

Wizkid, a long time ago signed a record deal with EME in 2010 and 2011 after his debut album at that time, now he has evolved into the superstar he has ever dreamt of and believed he was.

K – King

Wizkid is the King of Afro-pop music. Persay, he has grown enough of deserving every glorying the title comes with as one who has stood the test of time after chronicling records from one hit after another, which has been archiving his art into the cultural membrane.

He is the king of the African pop music helm of affairs and has made it up through his fourth studio album to the level of height that no one has taken the culture to.

He seats next to the king of Afrobeats, Fela Kuti. Perhaps, you can call him the notable prince of Afrobeats alongside. However, don’t mistake that for his enthronement as the King of Afro-pop.

I – Icon

You know this, truly. You can attest and confess it. Of course, it has become an industry fact. Indeed it is, and it has been added to his moniker and has made his artistic raiments legendary, alongside, as it has made the acronym of the Starboy as powerful as an icon.

D – Dance

Wizkid has always cared about how your body should appreciate his music accordingly. This care mindset about how your body should follow his music has already begun at the early stages of his career.

In 2012, the Starboy offered his growing cult “Azonto“, which altered our entire perception about the Wizkid’s music.

He influenced us back then and our body moves have been affected by his popular 2018 single titled, “Soco“, through the popular Shaku-Shaku dance.

The End!!

We hope you now agree that Wizkid is powerful?

Thanks so much for reading this beautiful piece.

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