THAT’S MY END” Ep3 [Written by Hamza Muhammad Maisaje]

[Written by Hamza Muhammad Maisaje

Mama kulu left the room and went outside standing near a tree holding the baby with her eyes filled with tears waiting for malam hashimu to come back from mosque, malam was so close to his house when he saw mama kulu holding a baby he then ran to where she was standing , before she even open her mouth to talk he already knew that something bad has happened because her face says alot , he ran and enter the room and found that his wife is covered with a blanket , he hold his head and says innnalillahi wainnailaihi rajiun ( Arabic: from God we come and to him we shall return) tears start running from his eyes down to his cheeks , he tried to take off the blanket that covers her face just to ensure that she isn’t Dead but he can’t do nothing because she is gone, mama kulu try to talk to him in a soft voice that he should take heart because every living thing on the earth must taste the bitterness of death , he stood up and Carry the baby that mama kulu was holding this time he can’t control his feelings he is still crying and even shouting , few hours after the incident malam hashimu’s house was filled with people , it’s exactly 9am in the morning when people perform the final rites to malam’s wife and took her to grave yard for the burial , that is the hardest day in malam’s life , seeing someone one who you love the most dying and you can’t help , many people felt the sadness together with malam hashimu ..

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