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[Story Time] THAT IS MY END” Ep1 (Written by Hamza Muhammad maisaje)

[Written by Hamza Muhammad maisaje

It was mid August everywhere was so dark and the rain was about to fall,the kaddamar village Buildings were located at 68.8 degrees north (latitude), 45.3 degrees west (longitude) .A house close to mosque that looks like an olden days building was malam hashimu’s house , the house contain only single room with bad roofing, from inside the room it looks like where cattle are reared very disgusting,if you are From outside the room you can hear a sound of an old clock which sounds tick tick always,inside the room was mama Rukayya who was in labour condition, she was shouting screaming so hard wayyo Allah na (hausa; oh my God) ,it’s common in Hausa land for a woman to be in labour and even delivered without going to hospital or anyone assistance but mama Rukayya tried to see that she has delivered but unfortunately she couldn’t,malam hashimu was inside the room thinking to go out and look for a midwife to help his wife but he can’t leave his wife alone but he had to,he opened the door of the room it was raining already, he was worried , he entered the rain and run towards the house where he knew he could find a midwife, he sometimes felt and stood then continue with his running, before you could even imagine malam Hashim was at the gate of the midwife house and then he started knocking , it was her husband holding a touch light with an umbrella that opened the door and noticed it was malam at his gate ……..

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