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SoxBow And Rapkheeng Are Noise Makers – Shaiyon A1 Is The True Best Rapper In Niger State Right Now (DO YOU AGREE?)

Empty vessels make the loudest noise

I have been waiting for a perfect time to talk about this and of course the time is now.

Taking a deep look at what happened at last year just concluded 2021 MA award, it highly commendable that efforts to create conscious Rap music is being appreciated in Niger State music industry.

And of course, it is laughable the way two rappers who seems to have grown in leaps and bounds in Niger State’s rap game are still doing what baby rappers are doing.

One would have thought SoxBow and Rapkheeng have grown to a level where they will look back at their past and current achievements then decide to use rap to impact lives and correct the ills of the society.

When was the last time we SoxBow and Rapkheeng put together a body of music works with sensible lines that anyone can learn from?

Let’s call a spade a spade, SoxBow and Rapkheeng should stop making noise about their personal achievements and their personal lives in diss.

It’s high-time they both learn from Shaiyon A1 and do music that can change the lives of their fans and the nation at large.

Rap is not about how much noise you make anymore, it’s about how many lives you can touch with your so-called punchlines and rhymes.

Guys, What Are Your Thoughts On This?

Shaiyon A1 Is The True Best Rapper In Niger State Right Now, SoxBow And Rapkheeng Are Just Noise Makers – Do You Agree?

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