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SENSE OR TRASH?? ‘It’s Not A Bad Thing For The North To Split From Nigeria’ – Adamu Garba

Former Presidential aspirant, Adamu Garba says with all that the North has going for it, it will not be a bad thing for the region to secede from Nigeria.

In a post shared on his Twitter handle, Adamu listed the benefits the Northern region has over other regions. According to him, if the North secedes from Nigeria today, many regions in Nigeria will suffer. He added that no single person is afraid of a breakup of the country.

He pointed out that the ”hatred” towards the Fulanis and everything North can be the greatest undoing of the secessionist groups once the North pulls out of ”the Union called Nigeria”.

Read his post below.

Looking at everything, it’s not all together a bad thing for the North to secede from Nigeria.

The North is the only region in Nigeria that practically have everything, yet its people suffer the most, with most hope dashed, gross underproductive young population and betrayal of the elites.

The North is the single largest supplier of raw materials in all Nigerian industries, from food, the cloths to shelter through cements and other building materials available in the Northern rocks.

The North have Gold, Silver, Diamond, Tin, copper, lime, gypsum, coal, magnesium, potassium etc and even uranium in abundance all over the area.

A liter of groundnut oil and cotton is more expensive that the liter of oil, and it has unimaginable chain value for production in different industries, from pharmaceuticals to detergents etc.

The cows that some few people condemn is over 20M in number in Nigeria, when properly harnessed and utilize, if a quarter of this number can produce a liter of milk a day, it means the North will have 5M liters of milk per day, each liter is N350, much more that a liter of fuel. This notwithstanding the endless value chain of milk processing in different industries. A cow, from its feeds to all parts of its body including its dungs is a source of value, thus a cow is a wealth in all ramifications. All we need is to harness its value.

Trust me, if, perhaps we have constitutional provisions for referendum, any region, especially Biafra, if they chose Nnamdi Kanu that a union of Nigeria, the North will most emphatically welcome the outcome. It’ll be a huge relief.

The North have its source of Energy, both artificial and natural through dams, coal, solar, winds and even nuclear, including oil and gas deposits in Gongola Basin, sokoto basin, Lake Chad Basin, Benue, Kogi and Niger States, the North have its source of food, lands for housing, educational system, healthcare systems, political systems, its foreign policy with natural allies etc, all its need is proper economic system away from the cheap and very scarce, poverty inducing oil.

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