Respect an artist with less ego and much aspiration – SoxBow

Every artist has gat flaws he can’t help it.
I have been an artist for almost a decay now if I ain’t wrong. I have taken time to switch patterns and skills as time permits and trends. But no matter how good u are as an artist YoU still have gat skeletons in ur closet about ur weakness if rarely say out.
Some don’t even regard me as an artist, while to some am their daily meal…learn how to pinpoint ur flaws as An artist so ur friends,producers and manager can help you out while u still can breath….

1 I don’t have vocal for singing, so I do more of rap rather than killing myself in the boot.

2 am an inspirational artist, so I just don’t do all kinds of music

3 am a seasonal sensation, I don’t do music do Or die. I do me that’s all

4 am not a good lyricist, I do shallow lyricism because I want everyone to hear and decipher every word am spiting.

5 am an independent artist, i don’t associate myself with every fellow arts and start sounding like them or acting like them.

6 I am not a show freak, even shows I get invited for, I sometimes listen to other arts than perform.

7 I do more underground hustle than post every unfinished success on my wall

8 every artiste wants a hit song, but sometimes even album no dey get hit song, so I just do music and I hope someone learns from it.

9 I have Friends but if u not impactinf positive vibe I go solo

10 I have morrthan 20-30 songs unreleased,bxos I have learnt not all songs should be dropped and to me I still feel I can do better, so also does my circle of listening friends who decide when my song is good to drop thinks.

All am saying is….we artist also have indoor challenges fans don’t know.
Respect an artist with less ego and much aspiration🦅

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