For those with little budget but still want good result.

You can go for any of the packages under this level or all of them at once depending on your budget.

Each of the packages will give you nothing less than 20k downloads and all can give you 50k downloads or more.

i.                    MXLOADED INSTAGRAM POST

Social media is a very important tool to drive Traffic, Buzz, Attention, Views and Downloads your Music or Video contents.

With hundred of thousand Followers on our Instagram page, we will get your Music or Video on our Instagram page and Instagram story.

Click here to view our Instagram page

This is a verified way to boost your song streams/downloads without breaking a sweat.

With over 200k+ Music lovers, be sure your song will reach the right audience.

Your song will be posted on our

It’s a very interesting package, you will love it.

PRICE:- ₦15,000

Interested in this package?

ii.                  MXLOADED MUSIC OF THE WEEK

For a song to make it to our Music of the week slot, our millions of users believe the song must be a Banger before we can use it as our Music of the Week. This Increases your chance of getting more downloads & attention for your Song.

The Music of the Week shows on all Pages of our Website both on Desktop & Mobile and we also post it on all our Social Media pages.

This is a great promo package because our users can listen & download your song on any pages. This is a great way to promote music faster.

Our Music of the Week cost ₦20,000/Week. For just a token, your song will be displayed to over 500,000 users daily.

What are you waiting for?

See Sample => Click to see how your song will display on Mxloaded when made the Music Of The Week | CLICK THE LINK

PRICE:- ₦20,000/Week

Interested in this package?



For Artiste who wants their Song to have good attention on Mxloaded

You can go for any of the packages under this level or all of them at once depending on your budget.

Each of the packages will give you nothing less than 50k downloads and you will get nothing less than 300k downloads on your Song if you use all.

i.                    MXL TOP/HOTTEST SONGS LISTING

This is one of the strongest promotional packages on Mxloaded.

This Top/Hottest Songs list displays at the Top of our Music category, this means nobody can download songs on Mxloaded without seeing your Song as one of our Top/Hottest songs on Mxloaded.

Now, imagine if the 3.5 million people who visits Mxloaded weekly get to see your songs listed as one of the hottest songs on Mxloaded…

Do you know what this means?

It means your song is hot to have made it to the list. Be rest assured, Nigerians will definitely want to listen and download it.

Our Music Category where the Top/Hottest songs are been displayed gets millions of visits/views daily and this means your song will get the best of attention it needs to blow.

This is an excellent package to go for if you really care about your Music hustle.

This package costs ₦35,000 per Week

Interested in this package?

ii.                  MXLOADED MONTHLY MIXTAPE

Based on popular demands from Music lovers in Nigeria and many parts of the World, we always release a Mxloaded monthly mixtape every month and we get nothing less than at least 3.5m Downloads each month.

With millions of Downloads recorded on our Monthly mixtapes, it’s no fluke when we say our Mixtape is the fastest way for established and Upcoming Artiste to get their song banging everywhere and wide across Nigeria.

Why should I get your Song on Mxloaded Monthly Mixtape?

We have the deepest penetration than any Music platform in Nigeria. We know the street better than anyone and our Mixtape is the best way to get your song into every nook and cranies of Nigeria.

We can get over 3.5 Million Nigerians listening to your song easily

Nigerians rely heavily on our Mixtape

We have used our mixtape to get many artiste songs banging across many 👇

– Nigerian higher institution (Universities and Polytechnics)

– Parties (Wedding, Naming or any party at all).

– Carnivals & Street parties don’t joke with us mixtape.

– Malls

– Petrol stations etc

NOTE:- You must have your song uploaded on Mxloaded first before you can have it on our Mixtape.

This package costs just N25,000

Interested in this package?


As the biggest Music website in Nigeria, Millions of Nigerians home & abroad rely heavily on our website for anything related to Nigerian music and they follow us closely for the latest songs to listen to.

As such we always put up a Weekly list of the Top songs they should listen to every Friday so our over 10 Million Music lovers who uses Mxloaded weekly can discover hot songs.

They value this list so much that every song on our weekly lists gets an average of additional 200k downloads each once released.

A whole lot of music fans wait on this list to discover amazing songs every week.

If you activate this package for your song, you will be amazed to see how far your song will travel.

It costs N25,000 to have your Song listed on our next list.

Interested in this package?


Music promotion is tough and if you’re not creative enough, your song will not get the desired streams/downloads.

Too many songs go live online daily, so you need to be aggressively creative if you really want your song to blow.

In music promotion on the Internet, the title or headline used in your Music post really matters and it determines how well your Song will travel.

For you to understand better, below is a case study that will help.


In 2018, when Dj Ab dropped his song “Kumatu“, we posted it on Mxloaded using the normal music title which is = [Music] Dj Ab – KUMATU

4 days after, we checked the song downloads stats and it has just 4,381 downloads

We were not impressed with the numbers, so we decided to create a mad ass headline with the title below to push traffic to the song and we used this one below.

New Song!! YNS’s Artiste ‘Dj Ab’ Drops New Song Titled “KUMATU”

Shockingly, in less than 24hrs, the song has already gotten over 120k downloads

We know you are smiling right now – we bad like that.


We understand our Site users and we know how to position our site contents to favor any Artiste/Song.

We will use the most suitable headline to push traffic to your song. You don’t need to know DJ Ab, it’s our work and we know the right headline to use for your own song to help it get good streams/downloads.

NOTE:- Your song must have been posted on Mxloaded before we can create a headline for it.



We know some of you might get confused here but this package is different from our Controversial Post, they are not the same.

With Controversial post, you will get a new post but with this, you are only getting a killer headline that will appear on our Website but will push Traffic/Downloads to your Music page.

 This package costs N10,000 only.

What are you waiting for?

Interested in this package?



For Artiste who want their song to enjoy massive promotions on Mxloaded

You can go for any of the packages under this level or all of them at once depending on your budget.

Each of the packages will give you nothing less than 100k downloads and all can give you 800k downloads or more.

i.                    MXLOADED MUSIC POPUP BANNER

Have you tried all you can to blow your Song but no luck?

Your struggle is over.

Imagine if all the over 1 million people visiting Mxloaded daily gets to see your Song first even before that of Wizkid, Davido, Burna Boy, Olamide and others. That’s how this package works.


If you go for this package, more than 1m Nigerians who visit Mxloaded daily will get to see your Music Banner with the download button as it will automatically pop up and show on their screen.

We have used this package to pull Millions of Downloads to different songs, Album and EP in Nigeria and we can do the same for you.

Here’s the result from a song we just did some months back. We used 5 Million impressions in just 5 days to push massive Traffic to the Artiste Digital store link.

Why This Package Is Lovely

Users won’t be able to do anything until they download the Song or hit the X (cancel button)

This has helped us push millions of downloads to hundreds of Songs massively on the Internet.

It works like magic.

Your song will get nothing less than 300k Downloads in less than 1 week – we assure you.

This package costs N30,000/Week or N50,000/Month

Interested in this package?


The Mxloaded Music Banner is one of the Most effective ways to promote Music on Mxloaded.

Your Music Banner will appear on all pages of our website and will serve as a notification informing all music lovers on Mxloaded that you just dropped a new song and they can easily click to listen, stream or download your song.

How effective is this Banner Ads?

With this Promotion package, we can guarantee you 500k+ Downloads/Streams as your songs will receive more attention on our website.

Also, No matter how much the users scroll down or up, Your Music Banner never leaves their Sight for a second. This is one of the best Promotional packages.

We’ve used this Package to push Thousands of Tracks and it has changed them from just an Ordinary Song to a hit Song.

The idea is, If 1 Million people use Mxloaded in a Day, 800k people will get to Listen/Download your Song.

You won’t regret using this Package to promote your Song.

This Package costs ₦60,000/Month or ₦45,000/Week

Interested in this package?


This is one of the Most Effective & Efficient ways to give your Music the needed attention it needs to thrive online.

The potency of this Sticky feature has been tested and confirmed more than a thousand times and the result keeps getting even more higher.

Our Website homepage receives Millions of Traffic daily – We gets about 3.5 million views on our Homepage daily.

Now, let’s explain how this package works for you => We upload hundreds of Music, News, Videos and many other interesting posts on Mxloaded daily and they all show up on the Homepage.

Now, imagine you get your song posted on our site, it will appear on the Homepage but won’t spend much time there because of the other contents coming up. These other contents will push your Music away from the Homepage to other Pages where most users won’t even see it easily.

Now, Imagine there is a way to keep your Post on the Homepage of the Website where millions of Nigerians home and abroad can easily see your Music/Post? Cool right?

This means if 5 million people opens our Website homepage, they will all get to see your Music on our Site homepage.

This is the reason why you should stick your Music/Post on Mxloaded.

We can stick your Music Post on Mxloaded Homepage and it will get massive attention that will beat your expectations.

How your Song will display on our Homepage

This package cost N50,500 per week.

Interested in this package?


As Nigeria’s No. 1 Music website – just imagine you are been showcased as our Artiste of the Month

Millions of Nigerians believe so much in us and they believe in our judgment as far as good song is concerned.

Now, with such trust, if we present you as our Artiste of the Month they will receive you with open arms and consume your contents with an open mind of getting the very best of song.

What You Will Get As Mxloaded Artiste Of The Month

To give our Artiste of the Month the very best promotion, we have selected out some of our most effective promotional packages to be deployed for he/she within a month.

The promotional packages that will be deployed are all listed below.


The Packages To Be Deployed

  1. Music of the Week
  2. Recommended Song
  3. Hottest Song
  4. Music Banner Ads on PC and Mobile
  5. Mxloaded TV Interview (Controversial)


With this Artiste of the Month Package, We’re sure you will build more Fanbase, Get huge downloads for your Song.

Give this package a trial, you won’t regret it.

PRICE:- This package costs N50,000/Month.

Interested in this package?


Nigerians love to Gossip & Argue a lot. We know this and we decided to use this as an avenue to get more downloads for some Artiste who wants their song to make it especially when the Artiste is an upcoming artiste.

This is how the Controversial post works. After getting your Song on Mxloaded, We will create and put this Post up 1 week, where we will compare the upcoming artiste to a bigger Artiste or write something controversial about the Artiste such that will spark hot controversy and will indirectly give the song more attentions.

We have created a whole lot of Controversial posts on Mxloaded over the years and the result is always very fantastic. If we compare an upcoming artiste’s song to that of a popular one, Nigerians will definitely download both songs so they can comment on which they truly think is the hottest and while doing that, the song will get eventually get massive downloads.

Some songs get over 200k additional downloads after we put up a Controversial post for them.

The way Music is been promoted is fast changing and one needs to leverage on the new trend to get the much desired result for your Musical content.

Below are some Controversial Post on Mxloaded

Here are few Controversial posts we’ve published for Top Nigerian artistes (They paid for it).


For Reekado Banks ↓

For Let’s Play! If Oluwa Showers You With A Blessing Of ₦10 Million – How Will You Spoil Your Mum?

For Zlatan Ibile

Meet “Zlatan Ibile”, This New Artist Is Better Than Olamide & Reminisce

For Lyta

BE THE JUDGE:- Lyta’s Self Made vs Martinsfeelz’s Necessary – Which Do You Think Is A Bigger Banger?

For Zamorra

Let’s Have Fun!! Tell Us 1 Thing That Is Important To You & Another Thing That Is Importanter

For Martinsfeelz

BE THE JUDGE:- Lyta’s Self Made vs Martinsfeelz’s Necessary – Which Do You Think Is A Bigger Banger?

For RainyMilli

Have You Listened To This Song? This Guy Will Be Bigger Than Kizz Daniel In 6 Months To Come

Controversial post can give your song between 100k to 200k New Downloads thereby giving the Song & Artiste the needed attention they need to be known.


This package cost ₦30,000. It’s hotter than fire!!

Interested in this package?



Thanks for checking out our Promotional packages, we so much appreciate it.

We really look forward to working with you soon.

Thank you!



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