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Niger State Upcoming Artistes!!! Here Are 5 Reasons Your Music Will Not Blow To Become A Hit Song

I know it’s not easy, as the country is hard, but don’t get discouraged your time is sure near.

If you are reading this content now, I congratulate you and I can assure you, your time is here.

We came up with 5 reasons we think a lot of up & rising artistes song won’t blow beyond their reach. Kindly relax and go along with us;

Below are the 5 Reasons Your Music Will Not Blow To Become A Hit Song;

1. You Follow Trends

It might actually work for you when you follow trends in your music but what will you do if it fades away?

Most artistes don’t understand what brand is; as a brand, you shouldn’t divert your audience’s attention from what they know you for.

Artiste should be versatile but versatility should not confused your fans.

2. Wack Productions

Another factor that affect your music is bad productions. It’s not all sound engineers or producers that can give you what you want.

You should know the kind of producer to work with, someone that can bring you out from you.

Most upcoming artistes look out for some cheap productions, although the price is not a constraint but make sure your producer understands the kind of vibe you have.

3. No Better Content

Well, this happens everywhere, music with bad contents or lyrics will not sell. You might be lucky if people accept you but you won’t last in the industry.

And you will not make profit from people that will buy your idea. Get a good content and pray harder. You will definitely see your music sell.

4. No Proper Promotions

Promoting song is a different aspect in entertainment industry, there are people that have talent in promoting you and your music. e.g Mxloaded

Promotion goes beyond just getting your song on the blog or the net generally and waiting for magic to happen, they are various means you can get your content to more people via online.

All you need to do is to have your team, you can have a content writer or someone that will write your songs, a good producer then a professional Promoter or public relation person. Don’t do everything by yourself, it is not one man thing.

5. No Effective Use of Social Media

Nowadays, many talents are discovered on social media; the likes of Instagram, Twitter and the rest.

Upload your contents, do freestyles and make use of social media to let the world know what you do. Someone out there might be looking for a talent like you.

The End!!!

We hope this becomes A source Of motivation to someone today…

Thanks for reading..

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