The Situations in Niger State have nothing to do with the ruling party in power but the man at the helm of affairs. Those accusing the Party of under performance are either speaking out of ignorance, or deliberately, being mischievous. APC as a political party has more performing governors in Nigeria than their close political rivals. Take a trip to States like Borno, in spite of the insurgency, the Governor has shown true leadership to the point that, even other political parties have nothing to taint his image with, be it political or otherwise. Visit Kaduna, Kano, Lagos and other APC governed States and see development in motion. These have clearly shown that, it’s better for a Lion to lead a flock of Sheep to war, than for a Sheep to lead a Pride of Lions to War. Sadly, this is the bitter reality as seen in Niger today.

Niger as a State has recorded more noise than achievements. Simply because, governance has been more of talking than doing. There seems to be a disconnection between those in power and the people being governed.
Where a reality is established, the political will to address such is lacking; as we have seen with Security and infrastructure. A good pointer is the Minna-Bida road amongst others, that obviously need revamping.

All we need in Niger State is a proactive leader that has a connection with the people and the political will to address their challenges. A leader who talks less and act more, as well as allowing the Press to report the reality without fear.

Going forward, the All Progressive Congress (APC) is fully aware of what’s key, devoid of sentiments, hence, has given a chance to one of the best in the State, who is not only young and proactive, but connects with the people of the state across all ages, tribes, religions and politicals parties. He is a candidate who is fully aware of the current realities of the state and knows the political language; of not just the old, but the young as well.

As a people, we have a critical role to play in bringing in the man with the right leadership qualities that is needed at this critical moment in the state. APC still remains the best Party in Niger State, and we all have a duty to ensure we don’t miss this man called Hon. Mohammed Umar Bago.

Get your PVC ready and let’s change the sorry state of Niger for the better, by voting the candidacy of Hon. Bago, of the APC Niger in the next general election.

God bless Niger State.
God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Alhaji Tuclint

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