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[NEWS] Don’t too focus on entertainment, a lots is happening in politics and a lots will happen in 2023 – Hon. Mustapha Abdullahi

Hon. Mustapha Abdullahi who is campaigning for Councilor Calls Out all Niger State Bloggers to also put more energy in Using their platforms to Advice the youth as everything is not just all about Entertainment

He Tweeted

To all Niger state bloggers. Don’t too much focus on entertainment, a lots is happening in politics and a lots will happen in 2023.

Help the youth by involving yourselves in the change.

As my brother Mohammed Saidu Etsu rightly said “it’s time for generational shift”

Even though some of you don’t have PVC, use your blog to advice the youth to get their PVC.

I am optimistic that PVC will speak for you in 2023, PVC is your power.

Many youth needs orientation, proper guidance on the implications of collecting money before voting/election and the importance of voting for good candidates.

There’s need for the youth to know that we are not in the train of POLITICAL PARTY but good candidates.

MONEY is one of the reasons why some of the good candidates never wish to show interest in any political office and this are people who have a very good track record. Let the youth know all this please sir/ma.

Like one of my mentor and motivator Abubakar Yusuf Jimada said 👇🏾👇🏾

“We must not allow nonentities to continue occupying leadership role in our political space”

Look at what is happening in our dear state & local Level, incompetency is a disease and there’s need to eradicate it.

Many will tell me that “Mustapha Abdullahi you don’t have the resources to contest for any political office”

Because Once you declare your interest to jostle for any political office, you are automatically a financial problems solver in the society.

Please our BLOGGERS use your power effectively.

God bless all NIGER state bloggers.

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