Mxloaded Music Review!! Is Sukzy Africa’s New Single “Soyayya” A Potential Hit?

Sukzy Africa became a sensation and rose to the top in the mid 2020s, when the industry was undergoing a major transformation.

It’s safe to say Sukzy Africa  was on top when that meant a lot. Some say he fell off, but even today he’s still top 10, either we’re talking about hype, numbers or the quality of the music.

The “Kewa” singer has amassed a huge following for himself simply by doing solemn bangers with his sultry playboy vocals and projecting his irresistible fly Hausa demon vibes. For Taliban, the music isn’t deeper than feel-good vibes, the good life and women worth simping over.

For what it’s worth, Sukzy Africa is one of the most consistent in today’s industry. Over the course of his 4-year career, he’s released One solid albums. And, of course, numerous singles.

His debut, “Musical Taliban” remains one of the best albums in contemporary afro-pop music. His follow-up, “Kewa” came in 2019, and stamped his claim as one of the most talented out here.

But, what’s he going for next? Is he ever going to be able to top his “Kewa” and “Gatana” era? While that seems rather unlikely, it’s interesting to watch what he’s got planned.

Already he’s having a stellar 2021. He kicked off the year with the release of “Gatana,” a song with a love vibe.

His new single, “Soyayya” is expected to build on the hype he’s garnered with the previous releases and maybe if it gets enough love, it’ll make it to his next album, which will most likely come next year.

Soyayya” is basic Sukzy Africa vibes, no extras. He just sings about his love interest and drops a couple lines from the Hausa demon playbook. The kind of thing you hear and you know it’s all Love. weaving in sonorous never-heard-before melodies and tunes on the afro-pop instrumental.

The chances of this becoming a huge hit are very little, because there’s virtually nothing special about it. But no doubt, it’s a good song. Which makes me really wonder if Sukzy Africa can make a bad song at this stage.

Rating: 7/10

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