MXLOADED MUSIC REVIEW:- Is IJAYA’s New Song “4:20 Rythm” A Disappointing Track Or A Big Hit?

MXLOADED MUSIC REVIEW:- Is IJAYA’s New Song “4:20 Rythm” A Disappointing Track Or A Big Hit?

One of the foremost Nigerian street act, Ijaya has just released his first official single of the year 2020 and he titled it “420“.

Considering Ijaya‘s effort on this song, it seems “the Agolo Teacher” himself has given up on dropping a song as big as “420” again or is this just a teaser to what is coming next?

Well, listen & download the song first:-

Ijaya is no doubt an epitome of talent but the reason behind him starving his fans of songs is what is not understandable.

Well, it’s not a sin to be forming standard and be making your fans get very hungry of your songs when you get to a certain level in the music industry but “if you’re going to be dropping song once in a blue moon, put in all your best“.

Ijaya‘s new song “420” is not a bad song but it’s not the kind of song expected from him at this time.

At this level of Ijaya’s music career, he doesn’t need a song sounding like a diss track for haters who doesn’t believe in him at the early stage of his career.

Rather, he should have studied the street music market where the likes of Beejay & Kheengz are winning with groovy lamba laden songs packaged with unique dance steps.

Producer, K-Dream struggle to make the song beat level-up with Ijaya‘s past hits is very obvious but we understand there is little a producer can do when the artiste comes with weak lyrics.

Overall, we will rate the song 4/10

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Is Ijaya’s New Song “420” A Disappointing Track Or A Big Hit?

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