MXLOADED LISTs!! Top 10 Funniest Comedy Skit Makers In Niger State 2022

Problem too much for this State, all thanks to creative and funny Instagram comedians, making us laugh out loud.

There is a paradigm shift in the comedy industry in the past few years as talented comedians are not only discovered on stage again but also on Instagram

Young generation of comedians are now using Instagram to entertain people through sharing short comedy videos.

The number of young comedians on Instagram has skyrocketed in recent years but only a few are really funny.

Below Are Top 10 Funniest Instagram Comedians This 2022:-

1. Belklef Zamani

Belklef Zamani is probably the most hardworking skit maker in Niger State if he is not the most creative.

2. Buski Comedy

Buski Comedy is doing well when it comes to doing very funny comedy skits in Niger State.

3. Mc Mamaki

This Mc Mamaki guy na confirm weyrey (mad man) in his comedy skits.

The way he act foolish at the same is what makes his comedy style unique.

You can’t watch Mamaki comedy and not laugh. Ofcourse, he’s been doing amazingly well so far this year.

4. MC Ty

If there is one thing that has kept Mc Ty on top of his game, it has to be his strong drive for content creation.

He knows how to create content from anything trending in Niger State social media space.

5. Funny_Richy

He is a talented comedian who has captured the heart of Nigerlites this year.

No doubt, Funny Richy is one of the funniest comedians this year so far, even Mxloaded Blog can’t do without posting his contents.

6. Ogb abzee Cultists Jnr

Whenever you see OGb Cultists in video, just know that you’re about to laugh your ass out.

7. Ig_sweetmouth

Ig_sweetmouth is one of the most creative, funny, and talented guys in this country.

His comedy skits always come with a twist at the very end and those twists are not always predictable.

8. Raphael Salami

His videos might not be all professionally shot but he is still more entertaining than most of his peers in the game.

9. Funny Emperor

His own way of entertaining Nigerlities with comedy is quite different from others.

Funny Emperor never runs out of entertaining content as he is always on point with his skit ideas.


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