MXLOADED LISTS!!! 10 Niger State Songs You Should NOT Listen To During Ramadan | If You Listen To No. 5 While Fasting, Just Drink Water

MXLOADED LISTS!!! 10 Niger State Songs You Should NOT Listen To During Ramadan | If You Listen To No. 5 While Fasting, Just Drink Water

Ramadan is here and throughout this period we have only one task “Keep It Holy & Serve Your Creator“.

And when we say keep it holy, it extends to every ramification of your life, the way you talk, what you look at, what you think, and what you listen to.

Stressing more on what you listen to, we all know music is one thing most of us use to while away time, and even during this lockdown we tend to spend more time listening to songs.

Ramadan has converged with lockdown now – so we have to be careful about what we listen to so as to keep our sawm (Fasting) intact.

So, at Mxloaded we made a thorough run-down on 1o songs that will cause an instant dent to your fasting when you listen to them

Below are some trending Nigerlites songs you all must avoid while fasting

1. Kheengz ft Erigga – kala-kala

This song is the main synonyms of “Vulgar”.

Pongilah means “Lick Stick” literally but in the real sense, it means “Blow Job” and it was early this year.

Listen below:-


From the title to the lyrics, to artistes everything is just too obscene for this Ramadan Period.

2.  Tee6ix – Vision 2020

The hit song by Tee6ix is a masterclass song any day but could be termed ‘indecent’ for any Muslim individual who wants his or her Ramadan fasting to remain valid.

The lyrics consist of vulgar words from the beginning to the end especially the Middul lines of Tee6ix and also the chorus  lines.

Listen below:-


The lyrics therein are apparently lustful which can cause instant termination of the fasting when being listened to according to Islamic doctrines.

A Muslim who wants his/her fasting to remain valid should avoid the song for the next 30 days.

3. Beejay Danjuma – Tido

This one “Tido!” should even be deleted from your phone totally self – There’s nothing Halal about the song 😂

Mere thinking of the lyrics self – You should just do like 1000 Astagafrullah ASAP.

Listen below:



4. Dj Zeez – Finito Ft. Cheque X Spotless,K-Dream

(Auzubillah) I sake refuge in God from evil or disaster.

Listen below:


Though there is a lockdown and pandemic, just try and use this Ramadan to seek God’s forgiveness and not listen to this recent Song by Dj Zeez and his label mate.

May we not fast in vain oo – Ameen.

5. Fresher Teddy Ft. ALK – Control 

You shouldn’t dare listen during this Ramadan Season if you don’t want to fast in the rubbish

Though it a nice jam on the street but for this holy month you should forbid it!

Listen below:-


6. Sukzy (DAB) – Benz Kawai

This is not the best time to listen to the song as the lyrics is too raw and H’oily.

Focus on this Ramadan, so Allah can help us clear this Corona Virus.

Listen below:


7. SukzyAfrica – Kewa

There’s a particular song on Sukzy newly released project

Listen below:


If you want to get Allah’s reward after this Ramadan, just isolate from Sukzy Bars. See Bars!!!

8. Khing Solex – Shakara

I know you might start thinking, what’s wrong with this song “Shakara

This one of the song devil has in stock to use and disrupt most of us Fasting this period – Cause in all sincerity the song is dope and it doesn’t sound Vulgar by mere listening.

But have sit down and scan through the lyrics of this song? No! I’m sure most of you haven’t.

Listen below:-


My Bro just safeguards your fasting and ban this song from your playlist.

9. Shuru – Nurique 

Zan Sha Wewe Na in kuma Gife in ye Shuru” – What do you think Nurique means by this?

It’s not today that guys start developing synonyms for the word  –

Listen below:-


Well, I took my precious time to analyze this song some months back and when many people think it doesn’t have any lyrical content, I said it has but it’s too vulgar and if you have a thing for God – you should fear this song.

10. EVA Rozey – BANDAGES

You already know Eva Rozey has so many nasty songs and Bandages is one of them

This song “Bandages” will reset your brain how babes beg you when banging!

Listen below:


Please avoid this track from your playlist by all means!!!

The End!!!

Those are the 10 songs we think due to their vulgar lyrical competence will pose a great danger to our soul while fasting during this period.

So Guys 👇

Which Other Song Do You Think Someone Should NOT Listen To While Fasting?

Let’s hear from you

What do you think about this?

We want to hear from you all.

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