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[Music] Gaffer – Repentance 

The 17 year old Superstar juxtaposed the ills of fake life, lies, deceit and redundant policies of the incumbent generation..

Collins disclosed that the remote cause of his erstwhile social media disturbance was emanated by his youthful exuberance.

In alignment with the rhythmic waves of Fresher Teddy, the industrious Music producer, the King of Motivation expressed himself eloquently with subdue grandiloquences in which he condemned social media fallacies and dishonest mode of living which he termed as “FAKE LIFE”..
Furthermore, he exposed all the accomplices of Slay queens from poor backgrounds who tend to act Rich on social media.

‘REPENTANCE’, as he titled the song had emanated great astonishment amongst an untold number of people who thought he would never change..

From his lines, PaidMan Gaffer vividly delineated the negativity of living to impress which he referred to as “BEING BLIND”.. He sang without any iota to perturb the equanimity of his listeners.

The lyrics of this jam is full of insight and great understanding..


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