MA AWARD WAHALA!! Badwiz Blasts MA Award For Not Doing The Right Thing

MA Award is fast becoming a mess….

Even the deaf and the blind can tell that Badwiz deserves a nomination in the MA Award 2021 Nominees list.

He took to Social media to pour out his mind and it’s nothing but the gospel truth.

MA Award i was nominated in 4 Categories but has anyone checked the nomination list Lolx stacking like ten People in One category makes it looks like a childs play For God Sake this is Niger State Award adding people to Categories they don’t belong makes it even worst Abdul Mxloaded Blogs I Thought You were in the Committee Whats Up?

i sincerely thought this year will be Better sometimes i just believe the organizers intentionally do this things to get People to talk if not WTF 🙄🙄🙄🙄

Guys 👇

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