Lets Settle This!! Why Some Minna Girls Always Need 2k Urgently >> See Why

Girls always needing 2k urgently is something a lot of guys are getting used to, whether these guys are falling for it or not is another story entirely but if it isn’t working in the first place, it won’t be trending. Ladies have needs, while some provide for themselves, some rely on random men to cater for their needs and that’s why “2k urgently” is almost seen as a norm nowadays. Social media has given these sets ladies the courage to ask for “2k urgently” because there are more men to task online and it is easier to type than actually saying it.

So, see why minna ladies always need 2k urgently below:

They are Actually Broke:

Well, the reason why they ask for 2k urgently is because they are actually broke, they have needs and they want to actually use the money for something important, though it is wrong in its entirety to put your bills on another man’s shoulder, it should be condemned. “2k urgently” doesn’t necessarily mean they need money 2000naira, some ask for far more than that, it might be 5000naira, 10,000naira etc, they are asking because they actually need it.

They Want to take Part:

Some minna ladies don’t actually need the “2k urgently”, they just want to feel among. For some its not even about feeling among, they just want more money to add to the ones they have, so they ask for ” 2k urgently” so they can have more money to hold on to.

They want to fund their unhealthy lifestyle:

Minna just want to fund their unhealthy lifestyles so they keep asking for “2k urgently” because that’s the only way for them to fund that lifestyle they can not afford. So if a lady tasks her boyfriend or men on her various social media platforms, she knows maybe if her boyfriend cannot afford it for her at least one or two people will actually come through for her, it is almost certain. Some don’t even ask directly, they post it on their status everyday, yes, everyday. If men are not responding, they would have stopped but since they are still posting such on their status, it is safe to say some men are still funding their lifestyle.

It is a norm and ladies that fall in the “2k urgently” category are not shy to ask because they don’t need to say it out, social media has been helping them broadcast their needs to men that will send “2k urgently.”

If you can’t afford urgent 2k for her just leave person pikin make she flex her life, leave her alone someone out there will do it on your behalf and stop posting shit all over social media about them. Before who send you make you go toast her ??

Make wuna get small sense abeg

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