Let’s Gist! Name One Fresher Teddy Song That Motivates You When You’re Down

Hi Guys,

I hope you’re all having fun out there?

If you’re a real Fresher Teddy fan, this post is created for you to defend your favorite artiste.

It’s no doubt the Mr Producer Creator Fresher Teddy is the hottest artiste on the street, he ‘s currently the most featured artist this year so far. He has dished out so many hits.

But the only clause I noticed about Fresher Teddy is the way he delivers his lyrics. His lyrical contents are poor and nothing to write home about.

Yeah! Everybody wants to dance and buggie down and careless about the lyrics.

But imagine you’re down and frustrated about the whole Nigeria situation, which Fresher Teddy’s Song can you play to motivate you?

I will like to hear from you.

Name One Fresher Teddy’s Song That Motivates You When You’re Down

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