Let’s Discuss! If You Could Advice “Sox Bow” Right Now, What Would You Tell Him?

Let’s Discuss! If You Could Advice “Sox Bow” Right Now, What Would You Tell Him?

​Hi Guys,

Guess you all are doing Awesome at your various corners!

Let’s discuss one of Niger State youngster who have been heavily celebrated but not living up to the standard again lately ​

What could have gone wrong? – Well, we all know the truth but that’s a story for another day.

Sox Bow dropped a new song some days ago titled “JUYA” and a look at the comments on the Music page here on Mxloaded shows Niger State are not pleased with his recent contents at all.​​

Listen & Download “JUTA” below:-


Checking through Comments from his previous Contents on Mxloaded and on other Social media platforms, it seems Niger State are no longer feeling the  serial hits maker.

Truth be told, the SoxBow of today is not the same SoxBow we love back then during his days.

Ever since he floated his own  label Kakaakin Arewa, the contents from his camp has lose taste and his brand is becoming more weaker by the day.

From my own point of view, his new song “Juya is nothing but total rubbish (We will talk more about this in the Review post which drops tomorrow) Watch out!!

Looking at the way SoxBow‘s career is nose-diving under his Kakakin Arewa Label, if you have the privilege to advice him

Be Sincere – What Would You Tell Him?

We want to hear from you all.

Drop your comments.

What do you think about this?

We want to hear from you all.

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  1. Abdul Mxloaded am ur Big Fans.. Keep doing the good work For NigerStateMusic, I wil always support u.
    Love from ur Bida People..

  2. Well #kakakin arewa is not a label..make concrete confirmation before jumping into conclusion.. He sounds like classiq doesnot mean .. He copied classiq…

  3. Bro. “Arewa music” is taken already. I don’t see chances making it tru. U have ur styles, ur vibes, ur speed.
    Step out from arewa shit. Do ur thing

    Nigerian appreciates new innovations

  4. Less try nd b appreciating sum ones effort no matter how it may b
    Talents re not to b wasted…… U try SoxBow

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