JUST FOR FUN!! Guys, What’s The Highest Amount You Have Ever Paid For S*x

The weekend is here again and to be honest, this topic relates with it 😉😉

There has been a Mad Debate on the internet if guys should be paying for s*x or not.

My honest opinion is people should do whatever they want to do with their money: YOU WORKED FOR IT SO SPEND HOW YOU WANT!!!So if you want pleasure and not ready for the pros and cons of having a girlfriend, you should not be shy to spend to get it, and if having a girlfriend is your thing to get pleasure (No disrespect to our beautiful ladies), do just that.

So, Men of Mxloaded, come closer and lets gist about this topic 👇👇

As A Guy, What Is The Highest Amount You Have Ever Paid Just To Have Sex??
NOTE: Only guys should comment. Strictly men.

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