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Judging By Their New Songs ➨ Hudez vs Boi Geen, Who Is A Better Singer?

Hi Guys,

We are here again with our wahala 😂😂😂 Una no go kuku kill us 😛

Niger State Act“Hudez” and Niger State No. 1 hit maker “Boi Geen” came through with amazing hits to keep their fans in the loop to enjoying good music always.


⚡ Listen & Download the Song HERE

Hudez dropped “Colorado” and the acceptance was one in a million. The song became an instant hit immediately after it was released.

With the influence of the song, even a 2 year old will gladly and correctly complete the sentence “i don smoke Colorado……….?????

Important Notice:- If you are able to complete the Lyrics above, My Brothers & Sisters, you have been infected with the “Colorado” virus, you need to see your doctor with immediate effort.

Boi Geen – Goal

⚡ Listen & Download the Song HERE

While we are still jamming to “Colorado”, Niger State Top boy Boi Geen wasted no time in dropping his own banger titled “Goal” and everybody went crazy like skrrr skrrr pa pa pa 🔥🔥

With millions of dance videos that has been shunned out on Social media ever since the song dropped some days ago, It is unarguable that the song is a big hit already and will surely enjoy massive rotations in few weeks to come.

No doubt, these 2 songs are bangers and will surely tear charts apart in weeks to come.

However, we will like to know who is a better singer between the 2 young hit makers.

Judging By Their New Songs “Colorado” & “Goal” ➨ Hudez vs Boi Geen , Who Is A Better Singer?

We want to hear from you all on this matter.

Drop your comments in the comment section.

WARNING:- No fighting or throwing of bottles at anyone, the Security presence here is so tight today.

Thank you 😛

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