Is Joeboy’s “Alcohol” Already A Song Of The Year Contender?

How long has it been since Joeboy dropped the addictive smash hit, “Alcohol” anyway?

Barely one month. And it’s already become one of the biggest 2021-released hit songs in the country. Surely, that’s a big one for the youngster who earlier this year released his debut album, dubbed “Somewhere Between Beauty and Madness” to generally positive critical acclaim.

Before now, most of Joeboy’s hits have been sleepers. That is, he drops them, but they don’t catch on instantly. But as time goes on, people start to discover what a gem he released and boom, they blow up. It was that way until DJ Neptune’s monster hit, “Nobody” that also featured Mr. Eazi, anyway. That jam was arguably the song of the year 2020 and many people —me included— thought it would be impossible for him to achieve that level of success again.

I mean, it was true. For a while, though. He put out his album earlier this year and the biggest hit he could manage was “Celebration” and maybe “Show Me,” but they weren’t really that big. Not really, if you think about how big songs from his “Love & Light” project from 2019 were. But like everyone else, sure he was gonna move on. So, he moved on.

Then a couple of weeks ago, he released a smash in “Alcohol.” The song was good on the first listen, but I didn’t really think it was gonna be this big. In my review earlier this year, I noted that:

My verdict was:
Now four weeks and viral TikTok challenge later, I’m asking if “Alcohol” is worthy to be called Song of the Year. A lot can happen in a month, really.

On that, while I think there are other songs that have made waves for even longer periods of time in 2021, “Alcohol” can’t be written off at all. The massiveness of the hit within such a short period is something that’s one of a kind. Maybe, maybe not. It’s October, I doubt anyone’s still gonna drop a song in this window that’s gonna achieve the exponential growth of “Alcohol.”

Now, what do you think?

Is Joeboy’s “Alcohol” Already A Song of the Year Contender?

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