The concept of inclusive growth has been a framework advocated since the ratification of the
sustainable development goals in 2015.
Furthermore, the disruptive nature of COVID-19, which is seen in the rising of poverty, worsen
health indices, disruption in the educational system in many nations especially those in Africa,
and the widening of inequalities has reinforced the call for inclusive and intentional solidarity,
especially to those disproportionately affected by the impact of this pandemic.
It is reported that over 95 million people are reported to have joined the abject poverty status
because of COVID-19, and over 2.3 billion people are under the threat of hunger before the end
of this year as reported by the World Bank.
The 2022 World bank Youth Summit further identified the pressuring realities that mitigate and
also advocate that young people (Youth) across the globe need to be the central stakeholders in
the recovery and growth plans as we prepare for the post-COVID world, that must embrace the
equitable and sustainability mantra which is the lens in which the inclusive approach drives the
need incorporation of then socio-economic and environmental component required for building
back better.
Following, the clarion call by the World Bank to act, African delegates that attended the recently
concluded World Bank Group Youth Summit in Washington DC from 26th -27th of May 2022
decided on an ambitious plan to concretize and domestic these frameworks on the continent by
taking action which we believe will unlock the power of inclusion for equitable growth in the
amidst the ongoing pandemic and alleviate the growing social and economic stress across the
As an inspiration trigger to act, African delegates from the World Bank summit have designed a
project that upholds all the tenets of inclusive growth and the GRID framework a model that
works as an operation manual for implementing the sustainable development goals (SDGs).
Furthermore, we have used the World Bank competitive case challenges manual, to create a
project that uses the ECO-Tourism and SMART Agricultural sustainable approach to address is
to create opportunity, promote inclusive participation in establishing SDGs, and achieving
appreciable financial prosperity solely targeted at developing African nations especially those in
rural or those living in the poorly resourced area we have incorporated technology to cook up a
project we wish to show to the world.
As part of the dissemination of our ideas we also will be organizing a virtual conference where
key stakeholders who have been instrumented will be invited to further reappraise our actions to
add value and enrich the inclusive growth package, the likes of the World Bank Youth Summit.

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