If Stingy Men Association & Lavish Men Association Are Having A Football Match – Which Team Would You Be Playing For?

So this current trend of Stingy Men Association, Lavish Men Association and other associations is becoming serious now.
Nigerians on social media including celebrities have started obtaining ID Cards to join association of Stingy men and Lavish men according to their choice.

The Stingy Men Association contains people have vowed never to give anybody any money regardless of their situation or story when begging for money. Infact, their motto is, “I will see what I can do“.

You see those people in the Lavish Men Association, they are the money spenders, they don’t think twice before balling their friends and families with their money.

In Lavish Men Association, men are ready to give others money whether they deserve it or not. Their motto is “Send Your Aza”

Imagine Stingy Men Association is having a football match this weekend with Lavish Men Association, which team would you be playing for?

Be sincere oo 👇


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