Icekyd’s Ep Did Not Meet Expectations — But Is It Too Bad?

There’s not been an influx of music in the industry this year.

It’s been a silent year, honestly. Not a lot of big guns are in a rush to drop after what a year 2020 was. And, it’s understandable. The fans are not so hungry, and having just had a taste of a good musical year like 2020, almost anybody could get burned.

Well, I think the AABM Record Boss just got burned. It is my understanding that the streets are saying the EP ain’t solid. I myself gave it a 6/10 rating and chalked it to it’s obvious lack of “a coherence in the sound, and like many other albums, it’s got no direction.”

What the streets are saying ain’t that different. Normally, you know, Icekyd is the guy. After the year he had in 2020, people were expecting too much from the guy. Maybe the “Artiste of the Year” nomination even fooled some people and made them think he’s on the same level as maybe Dj Ab, Kheengz, or even Sukzy Dab. But no, he’s not.

As a matter of fact, as evidenced by the thin guest list, it doesn’t seem like Icekyd has much reach now that he is the boss of himself.

The album may be boring, though, but it’s not all trash. In a year like this, I don’t think so many people would actually do better than what Icekyd did. Maybe he should have waited a little more or something, but then the streets were asking him to drop all the time, he kinda had no choice.

Well, now, I guess, he knows what not to do. His sophomore isn’t anything to write home about. It’s not too bad, yeah, but he needs to step up and he needs to very soon.

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