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I Have Impregnated Dangote’s Daughter – Reply As A Nigerian Parent

We all know African parent can be melodramatic when it comes to dealing with some situations especially Nigerian parent.

We’ve all lived with our parent and see how they react, I remember the day my mum saw a condom in my wallet, that’s a story for another day.😂😂😂

Impregnating someone outside wedlock is something not really ideal especially to our parent. But truth is knowing the family of the person you impregnate can change all that ideology.Just assume you are a father or mother and your child came back home from school or service and call for a meeting and he was like :-👇

Mummy, Daddy I am sorry, but I have impregnated Aliko Dangote’s daughter.

So sincere,

What Will Be Your Response As A Nigerian Parent?

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