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HELP A BROTHER!!! What Valentine Gift Can I Get For My Babe With 3K?

The month of February is almost here again and the pressure of giving your Babe a gift on Valentine day to show your affection towards her is already mounting again.
Omo! Wahala for who get babe O! The single people will just be chilling like this no stress.

With the level of economic meltdown ehn! I really don’t think I have a hefty budget to spoil my babe this year Valentine O!

I think joining the SMAN (Stingy Men Association of Nigeria) is going to be the best option for me now O! But then this Girl might dump my Ass if I should join SMAN O!

I’ve checked my net worth and I think the biggest amount I can spare on spoiling the LOML this Valentine is a whole N3,000 – I try na!

Now the issue is What can I get with 3K – I have a lot of options coming to head, but I don’t know which one to do.

So Guys 👇

What Valentine Gift Can I Get For My Babe With 3K?
Let’s hear from you…

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