GUYS LET’S TALK:- Training A Girl To Marry In School Vs Training A Dog To Sell For Money – Which Is More Profitable?

Men are scum, women are thrash. At the end of each stories, everyone will have a point to prove!!!

I believe the mentality of Nigerians towards a relationship is an entirely different one from the one every part of the world has. We f you study it, you will always fail.

This morning, a thought struck my mind and I decided to share with you.

See below 👇

Imagine training a girl through school, paying school fees for her alone or going to school together with the intention of getting married to her. The end result is something else.

And training a dog from when it’s still small, all those stress cleaning up and all those things and at the end of it all, you sell the dog off to make some cool cash.

So guys, the question here is, 👇

Which Of These 2 Is More Profitable?

Let’s have your say on this

What do you think about this?

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