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Guy’s Be Sincere! Why Do You Dump A Lady After Having Sex With Her?

You will see a guy chasing and disturbing a girl for months and sometimes years as if he would die if he doesn’t date the girl but immediately he gets the babe and eventually have down with her, everything go just go down like Nigeria’s economy.

This is very common among guys of nowadays and am beginning to think it’s a norm.

First, they will reduce the number of times they call the babe and then stop calling her patapata and if the babe calls, they won’t even bother to pick.

Some guys even get choko, they will block the babe’s number to stop her from calling and also get her blocked on Whatsapp and on all Social media platforms.

Today, we will like to ask you all this simple question and we want you all to tell us the gospel truth.

Here’s our question 👇

Why Do You Or Guys Dump A Lady After Having Sex With Her?
We want your response on this very important topic.

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