Fresher Teddy’s Last Hit Was “Pikin (Child)” In 2019? – Do You Agree?

Fresher Teddy’s Last Hit Was “Pikin (Child)” In 2019? – Do You Agree?

We all know and acknowledge that Fresher Teddy has made giant strides in the last one years.

Countless and monumental awards, nicked some collaborations with the top guys in Niger State Music and of course replete supply of music that have transformed into hits.

This is however a bone of contention.

A twitter user has a contrary opinion. The climax of 2019, which was the period Fresher Teddy started peaking was the last time he had a “proper hit”.

See a screenshot of the Tweet below:-

Does that mean tracks like Pikin (Child) and Collateral Damage are not hit songs?

While we might want to argue this. It might be true.

Fresher Teddy had a good run that led to him releasing the Pikin (Child). Yet, and also his single title Body Guard lies in his cohesion, story telling and how those tracks relate together as a whole.

The weakness is that there’s no standout track.

The project lacks a standard hit that can stand alone.

Songs like Pikin, Collateral Damage are good songs but do they have the magnitude of hits like Mr. Producer and Body Guard? What do you think?

I think we should just end it there and focus on this topic for now

So Guys, The questions we have for you are

Do You AgreeFresher Teddy’s Last Hit Was Pikin(Child) In 2019?

Do You Think Songs Like Mr Producer And Body Guard Are Hit Songs?

What do you think about this?

We want to hear from you all.

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