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Female Artistes Singing About Sex These Days — Good Or Not?

In the past, the music industry has been extremely unfavorable to women, but somehow the ladies are killing it right now.

Yes, that’s a good thing! In the past three years, top female artists have dropped commercially successful albums, made hit singles and grabbed top Awards.

The respect for their craft has also quadrupled and that means the music industry in Nigeria is progressive, to say the least.

But one thing that has also changed drastically is the themes of the music the women are putting out these days. For one, most of them sing about sex these days. Often explicitly, for that matter.

Look at Tiwa Savage for example. Here’s a woman that’s known for her vocal capacity and versatility across board.

Okay, she releases her album, “Celia” and 60% of the songs on the album has her referencing sex or sexual acts. Is that okay?

Or Teni, in another close instance, puts out her album and the album has so many talks about sex. So much that the gospel song she added to the album doesn’t even fit in there.

I understand, based on how receptive the society has become of these things, they’re getting comfortable talking about their “reality” now more than ever. But at which point do we draw the line, if we ever?

Is it when Tiwa Savage advocates for prostitution, or when she glorifies cheating in a relationship? Or is it when Teni is describing sexual acts in ways even kids would understand?

Because if that’s it, those already happened and I don’t see nobody talking about it. But we should.

Anyway, what do you all think about these artistes singing about sex and sexual acts?

Do You Think It’s Good Or Not?

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