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Drift Hunters Nigeria Releases official Trailer for Rebel Shift Movie


The rebel shifters are young street racers who run underground street racing in the city of Abuja.

After the pandemic they stumbled on a piece of information that Devon Tech is a technology research centre is responsible for a large number of the world population with a Nanotech based vaccine

They are releasing a film that will be based on Technology and Motorsport that includes some serious drifting, racing and professional driving.

This is a 1st of its kind in Nigeria and it promises to be a spectacle when its officially released.
The film is in collaboration with A low budget Nigerian Sci fi concept short film production.

It feature 2 amazing drifters, Jay Bash and Captain Aawal who are professionals in driving. A film by Hassan Tha Kreator, Juju films studio and Tangerine. Say no more Drift hunters are going to blow your minds


We await for the release of the movie this month (December) but A release date for the movies hasn’t been given but its sooner rather than later. The film by Drift Hunters promises to be exciting and exhilarating with adrenaline.

Watch Movie Trailer Below 👇

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