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[Download] Minna First Audio Comedy by Alaremu

If people know your income, it affects the love they have for you, making it fake. So, keep it to yourself. If they know your marriage details, they can cause marital problems. So keep it private. If they know your next move, they can thwart it. So keep it a secret. When people know your ideas, including your friends, they can steal it and capitalise on it before you, especially if they have capital and you don’t. If Jacob can steal his brother, Isaac’s, birthright, your friends can steal your ideas. So keep them under wraps. When you follow these rules, some will admire you. Others will say you are proud. But a bee should not be upset if a fly hates it. Flies go from rubbish to rubbish and get dirty. But bees go from flower to flower and get honey!


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