[Domestic Violence] I suffered starvation, maltreatment and abuse.I endured all that just because I was too ashamed to speak out.” – Hrm Queen Ene [Read Full Story]

In 2017 June 3rd I got married to John Douglas Benjamin, who is also known as Llyord dexterous. After the wedding, I discovered he ran into a lot of debts according to him he wanted to have a loud wedding and he expected that the turn out from people’s presence will make him recover all that had spent loaned.

The pressure from the caterer (Hasotel), and the hall decorator (bigbird) and other people he was owing made him restless. I for one is a simple person who advised him to do a low key wedding because there’s a life after wedding.

After the wedding, he was paying his debts gradually and became so frustrated and started transferring aggression on me.
Two months later he beat the hell out of me that almost left my left eyes damaged, he took me to Niger opticals in Markurdi where I was treated all along I was indoors and my mom came around. My mom came and saw how badly I was injured and she, was not happy yet felt I should forgive since my husband begged and said he wouldn’t want to do it again that it was the devil’s work. Not long, I took in for my first son around August same year, I suffered starvation, maltreatment and abuse… I endured all that just because I was too ashamed to speak out.

One thing led to the other, I noticed he started keeping late nights, he picks and talks to numerous and random girls and books appointment with them, while with the pregnancy I confronted him and he got angry and said I dare not speak to him about his life, as at that time, his younger brother VICTOR was in Markurdi schooling, he witnessed what had happened. So he told his brother to take my load to Lafia, and the brother took those loads while I was still in his house. I didn’t have a choice I left and stayed with my parents till I have birth to my son.

While I was in my father’s house his ex girlfriend Helen Light parked into the house and was staying, according to my neighbors she parked in and they were leaving as couple…

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