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DO YOU AGREE? Ojcent Is The Most Creative & Hardworking Artiste In Niger State

Festus Alabi, known professionally as Okcent, is a Nigerian Singer and a Song Writer

Despite not being signed under any Label, Ojcent has one of the strongest personal marketing strategy for a Singers in Africa .

With every song this guy puts out , he is consistent with bringing a trend that will serve as a marketing strategy for his music by himself.

Many people will see him as a clown but behind our backs, this guy cashes out big time.

As an artiste, you shouldn’t solely rely on any lable for your marketing and promotion. Relate to what fans love most find the best possible way of connecting with them .

Don’t be like Bakotelli , that young man will fade off any moment.

Did You Know?

Ojcent isn’t the only person who had dreams of becoming a famous musician in his family.

When Ojcent started chasing his Music dreams, most of his family members thought he will not end up well but fortunately, he came through to become one of the best and most renowned Singers in Nigeria.

Ojcent Is The Most Creative & Hardworking Artiste In Nigeria -DO YOU AGREE?

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