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DO YOU AGREE? Northern Muslims Are The Major Problem Of Nigeria (See Why)

Oh yes, Northern Muslims and leaders are the reason why this country (Nigeria) aren’t moving forward.

Why I Said So?

Other countries of the world are bothered with how to improve in technology. How best to deliver health care to their citizens. How best to improve on already advanced infrastructure. Advance system of agriculture and food security. How best to deal with insecurity issues. How best to deal with climate change, but northern Nigeria is obsessed with how a woman chooses to dress all in the name of religious beliefs.

The picture above, is what Northern Nigerians are disturbed with for the past 10 days. Despite all the very serious security challenges, hunger and poverty in the North this picture is what they choose to focus their attention on. Their anger is that she exposed her OWN body.

WTF is wrong with these people for crying out loud. Why the constant misplaced priorities.🤔

Same northerners stood against ENDSARS protest. Same northerners proposed and supported Social Media Bill. Same northerners kill or sentence people to death for blasphemy against Prophet Muhammad.

What’s all these ni.☹️

 Check this out!

Picture Number One👇

Picture Number Two👇

Picture Number There 👇

Can someone tell me the difference in the 3 pictures above? Are they not same ? Why haven’t those religious fanatics and hypocrites demand for the heads of Ganduje and Nuhu Ribadu’s daughters? At least arrest and charge them to Sharia Court like they did to Rahamah Sadua.

The Islamic law is always against women and poor people. WHY?

See ehn, maka chukwu

Northern Muslims Are The Major Problem Of Nigeria -YOU MAY AGREE OR DISAGREE.

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