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Destinozzy’s EP Is Not Bad, Na You No Sabi Good Music

Destinozzy dropped his debut project, a 5-track project dubbed “Son Of Grace”—an allusion to his impertinent inactivity on the solo front for months.

When the EP dropped, I did a quick review and gave the album a 8/10 rating. But looks like I’m the only one who thinks the EP is good enough. Well, I mean, it’s not me. But if anything, all the streets has done is hate.

First person I talked to about the album said, “the songs no enter” Then I asked why, expecting him to say something like “that’s not the Destinozzy we’re used to” or something along that line, but unsurprisingly he had no good reason.

If you are going to thrash someone’s hard work, at least you need to know why. You can’t just say it’s bad because your friends is bad, and then after two or three weeks you’re feeling it, you’ll now be saying you were wrong. I mean, if anyone thinks Destinozzy’s EP is trash, and not worth the hype—there’s hardly any—then I invite them forward to say why.

Besides, there’s nothing bad about Destinozzy EP. If you don’t know what constitutes good music, then say you don’t. If you don’t have any depth at all, then you don’t have to project your ignorant takes on a creative’s work of art onto others.

Quite a number of artists have dropped EP’s this year, and I dare you to tell me two that are better than Destinozzy’sSon of Grace.” Until then, maybe we should all just play the songs and pick our poisons? Thank you.

Anyway, if you still think Destinozzy’s EP ain’t good, I’d like to hear why.

Why Do You Think Destinozzy’s EP Is Not Good Enough?

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