This conference is timely because the continent of Africa requires young and innovative
minds who need to be inspired and guided on the need to build the foundation for a sustainable
and robust recovery in all the localities within their respective community by applying the
innovative approach to inclusive growth and development through the Green, Resilient and
Inclusive Development (GRID) framework.
In summary, the main objectives of this conference apart from creating the platform for more
African voices to be heard on the need to create sustainable development through unlocking
potential inclusiveness include:

  1. Empower young people on the continent of Africa to explore innovative ideas to tackle
    peculiar issues within their community by advancing the concepts of sustainability which means
    connecting People to new opportunities (enhance economic growth) and incorporating
    environmentally friending measures that help secure future generation dreams of a better life
    while creating a new opportunity for the current generation on earth.
  2. The conference aims to inspire young Africans to embrace collaborative ways to rally other
    Africans to create solutions to community challenges using innovative tools.
  3. Through this reflective summit see how we can also advocate for policy changes that include
    full implementation of a nature-based solution to are earth’s challenges while incorporating clean
    and renewable energy in our ambitious quest to use agriculture and tourism as a vehicle to
    stimulate inclusive growth projects.
  4. Finally to join the rising call by the United Nations, African Union, the World Bank Group,
    African youths, and other stakeholders on the need to promote positive deliberative discussion
    among youths, especially on ways to domesticate the SDGs through innovative youth ideas and
    across the intergenerational divide that exists.
    Our desired expectation will be to implement this project in one developing nation of Africa.

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