ALK’s “SmallCityBigDreams” Album Might Be The Best Ever Afrobeat Album – Do You Agree?

It’s been talked about for months if not years now and now, it’s about to drop 🔥🔥

The SmallCityBigDreams album is around the corner. The project we’ve had to wait two years for. The album Arewa Last King has promised to be his best so far.

But what exactly is so special about this album?

Alk first teased the album back in February 2020 shortly before releasing some hit songs.

In his words, the album would be ten tracks, no features. While we all know Alk doesn’t deliver on time, he has however taken time out to ensure there’s an overdose of quality on the album.

With how we’ve greatly vibe to his recent project,Burn Ready and how successful singles like Carry Me Go have impressed the music space, ALK might be eyeing Kheengz’s spot at the top of the music space if his album goes on to be highly successful.

And with the world focusing heavily on Afrobeat especially with claims for a category for Afrobeat in the MAAWARDs, this could be a perfect time for Alk to capitalize and his album could turn out to be the best ever afrobeat album.

So guys, do you agree? 👇

Can ALK “SmallCityBigDreams EP” Be The Best Afrobeat Album Ever?

Let’s hear from you all on this important issue.

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